Ground floor
House as autobiography

In 1987, Mart van Schijndel set himself the difficult task of designing his own house. For six years he worked on this project in search of his ideal design. In de summer of 1992 the house was built and in the course of 1993 the house was completed. Many of his ideas about architecture and design, has been put into practice. The hidden house, behind behind a gatehouse at the Pieterskerkhof in Utrecht, is like an autobiography of his ideas.

The modern house is located in one of its oldest built areas in the center of town. From the street the house is only partly visible.The entrance is on the enclosed square of the Pieterskerk (or St Peter’s Church), which was consecrated in 1048. Within a peaceful atmosphere, away from the busy city. The hall, also living room is the central room of the house where all the rooms open onto. The space is triangular in shape and has two patios on either side. The large windows allow plenty of light into the house, but only give little of the price environment and ensure optimal privacy.

Rietveld Award and monumental status

For the design of this house, Mart van Schijndel received in 1995 the Rietveld Award. In 1999 the City of Utrecht decided to put the house, then only 7 years young, on the Historic Buildings Register as youngest monument.